What results can I expect to see with Kirei?

What results can I expect to see with Kirei?

Many clients would like to know what results they can expect to see when using the Kirei Complete 5 Step Routine. The answer can vary person to person, depending on the condition of the skin, the age of the client and the environment that they live in. Below is a breakdown of the most common results that clients experience immediately and overtime, per product in the Complete 5 Step Routine:

  1. Nourishing Moisturizing Cleanser: Immediately this product removes all traces of dirt, oil and impurities with a gentle emulsifying action. Nourishing coconut and olive oils breakdown makeup and impurities while soapwort and soapbark (detergent-free) offer a gentle foaming action. From the first use, the skin is left perfectly cleansed, comfortable and radiant. With continued use, the skin becomes more balanced with refined pores and improved skin texture.
  2. Perfect Balance Toner: Used twice per day, after cleansing; the second step of the routine is designed to rebalance the skin’s pH level. In doing so, the skin will be prepared to more readily and efficiently absorb the active components of the treatments that are applied afterward. Hyaluronic acids also packs in an added layer of hydration and protects the skin’s water reserves. Skin will feel more plump, comfortable and soothed. Pores are less visible and the complexion appears brighter.
  3. Focus Renewal Eye Cream: Immediately the eye contour area is smoothed and hydrated. Fine lines are instantly plumped and appear smoother. Make up glides on easily, not settling or creasing throughout the day. Overtime, expression lines and “crow’s feet” become less deep and shorter. With prolonged use slackened eyelids appear more lifted and delicate under-eye skin is firmer
  4. Deep Radiance Essence + Serum: This treatment penetrates the skin quickly to deliver a maximum dose of active ingredients. Hyaluronic Acid instantly hydrates. The skin is glowing and dewy. With continual use, this treatment works to repair damaged collagen and elastin fibers, giving the skin more of a “bounce-back” effect and smoothing deep lines on the forehead and around the mouth. After 6 to 8 weeks use, pigmentation damage (dark spots) begin to fade thanks to Soybean Ferment extract. The anti-oxidant action from the Meshimakobu mushroom prevents future damage from occurring.
  5. Firm & Lift Regeneration Cream: Applied following the Deep Radiance Essence + Serum, the Firm & Lift Regeneration cream instantly moisturizes the skin’s surface, providing immediate comfort, suppleness and radiance. With daily use the Firm & Lift Regeneration Cream improves skin texture and tone, giving a more lifted appearance to the face contour and smoother expression lines. The antioxidant action of the Meshimakobu Mushroom also reinforces the skins protective barrier and protects against environmental damage and pollution.

The best results happen when the Complete 5 Step Routine is used everyday, twice daily. The 5 steps work in synergy and build on one another to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time frame. Good skincare practices require dedication and a bit of effort but the long-term effects will be worth it!

Of course, the best results speak for themselves! Check out the before and after photos submitted by our clients. The photographs have not been retouched.

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