My concern is dull, tired & lifeless skin – how will Kirei help?

My concern is dull, tired & lifeless skin – how will Kirei help?

The number 4 concern shared by our customers is dull skin that looks tired and lifeless. Let’s figure out what’s real, what’s not and how we address this issue.

What is Dull, Tired & Lifeless Skin?

You see it, you can’t quite describe it, but your skin looks dull, tired and ashen. It’s hard to quantify into words but we’ve heard the term “loss of glow” quite a bit. You’re not imagining things: that ashy tint caused by pollutant build up on your skin over time and makes it look dull and lifeless? It’s real.

What Causes Dull, Tired & Lifeless Skin?

There are 3 reasons why your skin loses its natural glow:

1) Dead skin is everywhere!

We shed millions of dead skin cells every day so unless we do something to actively cleanse and remove them we end up getting that grayish look no matter our natural skin tone. Think of the dead skin cell build up like dust: it’s a dingy layer that prevents your skin from giving off that healthy glow.

2) Daily Pollution

Pollution in our air contains microparticles like dirt, particulates, methane, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and too many other toxins to mention. These toxins create free radicals on our skin which lead to damaged collagen, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Over time, all of this makes our skin look tired, dull and lifeless.

3) Stress-Induced Inflammation

You had an argument, your kids are running wild, you’re not sleeping well and then you hear these annoying 3 words: “You look tired”. Stress is a skin killer because it increases your cortisol levels. When cortisol rises, your skin inflames because our bodies go into fight or flight mode. This inflammation makes your skin look tired, full and lifeless.

How Will Kirei Bring Back That GLOW?

Here’s the simple truth: Beautiful skin comes from healthy skin.

Healthy skin never goes out of style and it stands the test of time. Your Kirei skincare routine will bring back that radiant glow by promoting overall skin health in 3 core phases.

Phase 1: Clean out dead skin, toxins, and free radicals

We clear your face of all dead skin and clear out all environmental toxins and free radicals trapped within our skin. Our core nutrients will calm skin inflammation caused by stress. We can’t stop stress from our daily lives but we can minimize the damage done by stress.

Phase 2: Heal & Regenerate Healthy Skin Cells

Our powerful plant-based active ingredients will start to heal your collagen and deliver nutrients directly to your skin cells. Ensuring healthy skin function will ensure that you’re always producing new and healthy skin with an even and vibrant tone.

Phase 3: Protect

We create a layer of protection around your skin and your skin cells thereby stopping further skin damage from environmental toxins, free radicals, and stress.
Within 45 days your skin will look and feel healthy, showing off that vibrant and youthful glow. We guarantee it!

Our Recommendations

1) Complete 5-Step Routine
2) Perfect Balance Toner (for pH control)
3) Pore Refining Charcoal Mask (deep pore cleansing)

10 Botanical Ingredients For Radiant & Healthy Skin

Meshimakobu mushroom
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties.
• Contains Vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K. Shows better anti-aging benefits than Retinol or Retin-A
• Called the “healing mushroom” in Japan

Black Truffle
• Essential amino acids and peptides that revitalizes skin cells

Pulsatilla Koreana
• High anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties to kill bacteria

Tea Tree & Japanese Marigold Flower
• Helps reduce redness, irritation and reduces acne breakouts while delivering incredibly soft skin

Calendula Flower
• Soothes inflamed, sensitive and irritated skin.

• The calming influence on the skin, helps our body adapt to stress and restore healthy pH balance.

Hyaluronic Acid
• Helps retain skin cell moisture. Essential for healthy collagen + elastin matrix

• Helps heal and regenerate healthy skin cells

• Reduces hyperpigmentation and formation of new age spots by controlling melanin production

Green Tea
• Abundant in high potency antioxidants that reduce skin cell damage due to oxidative stress caused by free radicals

Formulated For 6 Core Skin Types

• Normal
• Dry
• Oily
• Combination
• Sensitive
• Acne Prone

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