My concern is fine lines & wrinkles – how will Kirei help?

My concern is fine lines & wrinkles – how will Kirei help?

Wrinkles & fine lines are the number 1 concern shared by our customers. But there’s a lot of misinformation out there so let’s figure out what’s real, what’s not and how we solve this skin concern.

What Are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles and fine lines are visible foldings of the skin on the out layer of our skin called the epidermis. Yes, it’s that simple. However, what you may NOT know is that structural degradation within your dermis layer (skin below the epidermis layer), is what causes wrinkles. Therefore, simply moisturizing the outer layer does not actually help with wrinkles.

Diagram 1: Layers of your skin

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are a symptom of a foundational problem. Your dermis layer is made up of blood, lymph vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and sweat glands but mostly it consists of collagen and elastin. This collagen + elastin matrix is what provides the foundation, much like columns and beams that support the roof of a home. When the columns weaken, the roof begins to collapse and that’s exactly how wrinkles are formed. When your collagen + elastin matrix starts to degrade over time the outer skin starts to collapse forming grooves.

We call them wrinkles.

So now you may be asking “why does the collagen + elastin matrix degrade”? The answer is time.

Starting at the age of 18, our skin loses 1% of our collagen + elastin matrix. This loss accelerates as we age such that by the age of 30 we’re losing about 1.5% of our collagen + elastin. By age 50, we’re losing 2% every year. By age 60 we’ve lost about 80% of our skin thickness. This is the inevitable process of aging.

Diagram 2: We lose collagen & elastin rapidly starting at age 18

How will Kirei Decrease Wrinkles & Fine Lines?

No skin cream alone will decrease your wrinkles & fine lines because the molecules in creams are too large and will not penetrate past your epidermis layer. Creams will moisturize your outer layer and that’s it. Some creams can’t even do that very well.

Here’s the simple truth: You reduce fine lines & wrinkles by optimizing your skin health.

Healthy skin never goes out of style and it stands the test of time. Your Kirei skincare routine will decrease fine line and wrinkles by promoting overall skin health in 3 core phases.

Phase 1: Clean + Repair + Heal

We cleanse all layers of your skin (the dermis & epidermis) of free radicals that lead to oxidative stress. This is important because oxidative stress is what causes your skin cells to lose their regenerative functions. At the same time, our core nutrients start to repair and strengthen the collagen + elastin matrix deep inside your dermis layer.

Phase 2: Regenerate & Rejuvenate

We deliver essential antioxidants, amino acids, regenerative peptides, adenosine, hyaluronic acid, and a host of other delicious nutrients through natural botanicals directly to your skin cells.
In other words, we remove all roadblocks that hinder healthy cell function and give it high octane fuel. The net effect is that we decrease the rate of elastin and collagen loss at the dermis layer.

Diagram 3: Kirei dramatically slows down loss of collage & elastin

Phase 3: Protect, Protect, Protect

We will help form a protective boundary around the outermost layer of your skin AND around your skin cells by strengthening the skin cell membrane.
This is an important step because maintaining optimal skin health is far more effective than always trying to fix problems.

What Does This All Mean?

You will see a very noticeable decrease in wrinkles & fine lines within 45 days.


1) Kirei Complete 5-Step Routine
2) Perfect Balance Toner (for pH control)
3) Pore Refining Charcoal Mask (deep pore cleansing)

10 Botanical Ingredients for Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Meshimakobu mushroom
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties.
• Contains Vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K. Shows better anti-aging benefits than Retinol or Retin-A
• Called the “healing mushroom” in Japan

Black Truffle
• Essential amino acids and peptides that revitalizes skin cells

Pulsatilla Koreana
• high anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties to kill bacteria

Tea Tree & Japanese Marigold Flower
• Helps reduce redness, irritation and reduces acne breakouts while delivering incredibly soft skin

Calendula Flower
• Soothes inflamed, sensitive and irritated skin.

• The calming influence on the skin, helps our body adapt to stress and restore healthy pH balance.

Hyaluronic Acid
• Helps retain skin cell moisture. Essential for healthy collagen + elastin matrix

• Helps heal and regenerate healthy skin cells

• Reduces hyperpigmentation and formation of new age spots by controlling melanin production

Green Tea
• Abundant in high potency antioxidants that reduce skin cell damage due to oxidative stress caused by free radicals

Formulated For 6 Core Skin Types
• Normal
• Dry
• Oily
• Combination
• Sensitive
• Acne Prone

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