What is Japanese Beauty (J-Beauty) & why is it so popular?

What is Japanese Beauty (J-Beauty) & why is it so popular?

Japanese Beauty or J-Beauty for short refers to mostly skincare products made in Japan that follow the traditional Japanese beauty philosophy.

Some consider color cosmetics to be a part of J-beauty as well but the term applies mostly to skincare.

J-Beauty has been extremely popular around the world for at least 2 decades starting with the BB cream and started gaining mass acceptance in North America around 2010.

There are many reasons why the beauty world is embracing J-Beauty:

  1. Focus on the “dewey skin” look or in other words, a focus on a healthy glow
  2. Use of more natural ingredients based on traditional eastern medicine
  3. Use of innovative ingredients like Kirei’s own Meshimakobu Mushroom, or sometimes curious ingredients like snail mucus (not found in Kirei)
  4. Focus on delivering pigment-free, hydrated skin that does not rely on makeup (Asian women tend to have oily skin thus less make up is always better)

From a cultural perspective, the Japanese love to spend time taking care of their skin (both men and women) and tend toward the idea of minimalism – minimal makeup or no makeup at all.

For example, for the most part, Japanese women do not believe in contouring. This trend of solving problem areas at the root through a holistic routine instead of covering up problems through makeup seems to be something North American people are starting to embrace.